Stop dieting, start cooking

With the Epic Life Program, you can achieve healthy, lasting weight loss—no potions, magic bullets, or deprivation required. Simply enjoy delicious, real food in the right quantities at the right time to experience your epic transformation. Backed by science, this program has helped participants lose weight while enjoying healthy and delicious meals. Sign up today!

Register for our 6-weeks accelerator program—free to join (registration is required). 
When you register you get access to a private Facebook group with a community of thousands ready to motivate & support you. Take part in challenges and get access to exclusive content.



  • Easy-to-follow and balanced meal plans
  • Delicious and quick recipes
  • Meals designed with the whole family in mind
  • Complete nutrition for everyone
  • A supportive community of people like you

The 6-week Accelerator Epic Life Challenge will start on July 31st, stay tuned for exciting new updates!


The Epic “Un” Diet™ has been created by scientists, nutritionists and chefs to give you the tools you need to lose weight while feeling healthy, energized, and full. With the Epic “Un” Diet you can lose weight in a healthy way, feel better, and get results that last.

Whether you're brand new to the program or want to keep going—grab the tools you need to succeed and crush your goals.

Epic Life CollectionEpic Life Collection
Epic Life Collection
Power Up Salted Caramel Protein BlendPower Up Salted Caramel Protein Blend
Power Up Salted Caramel Protein Blend
Power Up Vanilla Protein Blend Power Up Vanilla Protein Blend
Power Up Vanilla Protein Blend
Epic Life Digital e-Guide ENEpic Life Digital e-Guide EN
Epic Life Digital e-Guide EN
Perfect Portion Scoops (Set of 4)Perfect Portion Scoops (Set of 4)
Perfect Portion Scoops (Set of 4)
Power Up Chocolate Protein BlendPower Up Chocolate Protein Blend
Power Up Chocolate Protein Blend

Printable Epic Life Journal—Track your energy, set goals, record daily non-scale victories, plan your meals & more! Free to download.